About Black Pearl Divers

We are Black Pearl Divers, Roatan’s premier full service dive operation, catering to all of Palmetto Sands Villas guests!  We offer the finest professional equipment to ensure the best possible dive experience for all our customers.  Each member of our team is fully trained, so no matter if you are a complete beginner, or seasoned veteran, Black Pearl Divers caters for every skill level.  Dive with us and you’ll discover incredible, unspoiled dive sites, learn invaluable new skills, and make new friends.

Please book your dives in advanced, as reservations are highly recommended.  You can email them at hccdonnelly@yaoo.com.

Dive Packages

Dive Packages (per person)

10 dive package  $350

15 dive package $300

Dive Courses

Bubblemaker   $100

Discover Scuba DSD    $120

Scuba Diver  $295

Open Water Certification $500

Advanced Open Water  $400

Open Water (e-learning, hands on training) $370

e-Learning Theory (paid to PADI directly) $130

Dive Rates

Diving (per person, per tank)

1 to 4 tanks         $45

5 to 9 tanks         $40

10 to 14 tanks    $35

15+ tanks             $30

Night dive           $70 (min. 4 for night dive)

Dive Sites

Pinnacles: As the name implies, all the pinnacles make this an extra special dive site.  Not only are the pinnacles special, but the wall and small cavern make this one to remember.  Depths of the pinnacles range from 30 feet at the top to 80 feet at the base.  Look for the large grouper and barracuda sitting at the tops of the pinnacles.  Clearing stations with Peterson cleaning shrimp wait along the way to clean all that needs a clean-up.  Also, one might find the spotted drum guarding one of the pinnacles.  This is an easy dive for all experience levels.  Depths are from 12 to 85 feet.

Shipwreck Reef:  This site is Roatan diving at its finest, offering an abundance of corals and large sponges of all types.  It is such a beautiful site…you can easily spend the entire dive around the boat and not run out of things to see.  Typically you will find a green Moray or two.  Watch out for the nurse shark, turtles, and eagle rays that might be swimming by.  Depths range from 35 feet at the mooring to 120 feet.  Beginners and the occasional divers as well as the most experienced can enjoy this dive site.

The Maze:  The dive site starts out in 15 feet of water and you will drop into a 40 foot trench leading to a short swim through which leads you to the wall at 60 feet.  Following the wall to the east, you will find a series of ledges and overhangs at depths ranging from 50 to 85 feet.  Following the maze upward to the top of the reef, you will find schools of chub, wrasses, and most notably black durgeons.  Makes for a nice safety stop all the way back up to the boat.  This is a great site and very popular for beginners.

We also offer sites such as Dolphin Den:  a swim through, underwater cave, The Sponges:  a 60 feet drop off surrounded by stunning sponge corals, Big Bite: watch out for sharks, and Barracuda: no explanation needed for this one!  Our divers know every nook and cranny, so you won’t miss a thing!